'Drifting' Xbox Controllers Lawsuit Continues Against Microsoft

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Faults in gaming hardware and devices are expected after many years of use and ownership.

However, when a large group of users are facing the same issues and faults, that's when a lawsuit is considered.


This is exactly what Microsoft is facing currently surrounding a common issue with their controllers.

A lawsuit was filed against Microsft in April of this year claiming that Xbox Controller owners were experiencing 'drifting' issues.

Now, the lawsuit continues with an amended complaint being filed on October 2nd.

The 'Drifting' Xbox Controller Lawsuit Continues

The amended complaint filed on October 2nd demands a jury to address the allegations against Microsoft.


The updated allegation includes the Xbox Elite Series 1 and 2 controllers.

The lawsuit claims the analogue sticks on the controller's register movement without user input.

This defect means the controller cannot be used effectively in games.

On top of this, the updated lawsuit details the specific hardware issues causing the 'drifting'.


The lawsuit states the flaw is linked to a lubricant used by Microsoft.

This lubricant causes the resistive material to be scraped off.

Without this material, the controller registers unwanted movement without user input.

Check out the lawsuit's description of the issue below:


“Microsoft does not disclose to consumers that the Xbox controllers are defective, causing the joystick component to fail. Members of the general public have the right to know the latent defects with the Xbox controller components"

The plaintiffs are seeking monetary relief as well as a public injunction requiring Microsft to notify all Xbox owners of the controller's defect.


We'll have to wait and see how the lawsuit progresses and how Microsoft aim to defend these claims.


Controllers are expensive these days, so customers expect the product to last for a long period of time.

We'll keep an eye on the lawsuit and keep you updated with any significant news.


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