Xbox Will Allow Players To Install Games Before They Have Bought Them

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Deciding which next-gen console to buy is not an easy decision.

Each console has such unique and interesting features.


For some players, getting into new games as fast as possible is the priority.

Well, a new feature for the Xbox aims to speed up the process.

Xbox Download Feature

A new feature is set to be introduced to the Xbox operating system that will allow players to download games before they own them.


In the past, this feature would not appear to be very significant.

However, both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S require players to install the game whether they have a disk or not.

Therefore, users who are planning to buy a physical copy can install the game beforehand.

On top of this, a user can install the game and wait for reviews before they make their purchase,


This alleviates the need to wait for an install once a user has decided to buy a title.

Jerko Cilas, a writer for Lords of Gaming, demonstrated the feature.

Check his tweet out below:


Overall, it's a convenient feature that demonstrates Microsft's effort to evolve the Xbox's dashboard features.

Downloads can be frustrating when you just want to get stuck into a game.

The addition of this feature will certainly help players jump into the action a lot faster.

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