Xbox Series X Pre-Orders: Microsoft Warn Stock Shortages Could Last For Months

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The release of the Xbox Series X/S in November is one of the most anticipated dates in the gaming calendar.

Gamers from across the world are looking forward to the next-gen console arriving in the next few weeks.


But what about those who are still looking to order an Xbox Series X/S?

Well, it's a struggle for buyers to find an outlet that is selling the console currently.

Stocks of Microsoft's new consoles are very low and may stay this way for a while yet.

Xbox Series X/S Stock Shortages Could Last For Months

Ordering an Xbox Series X/S is very difficult for buyers at the moment.


The next-gen consoles were available to pre-order from September 22nd.

However, since that date, it has been difficult to find outlets that still have the consoles in stock.

This means that a set of gamers will have to wait for the consoles to be restocked at a currently unknown date.

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, recently appeared on the Dropped Framed podcast.


He revealed that they have a lot more demand for consoles than supply currently.

"We know what our supply will look like basically for the rest of the year...we're going to have more demand than we do supply."

It's looking very likely that gamers who want to pre-order a Series X/S may have to wait months after the next-gen release date.

We'll just have to hope that a big restock of consoles is scheduled before the end of the year.


Fingers crossed we can all secure our pre-orders as soon as possible.