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Xbox Series X Release 14 Minutes Of Next-Gen Gameplay From Indie Horror Sensation Scorn


Ebb Software is set to release Scorn sometime next year.


The title is heavily influenced by H.R. Giger, a Swiss artist well known for his nightmarish style.

The horror shooter has been teased plenty but recently we got to see 14 minutes gameplay on the Xbox Series X.

Yes, the game is even more stomach-churning on the next-gen console than the previous gameplay trailer.

Scorn Xbox Series X Gameplay

This is the longest gameplay we've seen for Scorn so far.

Throughout the trailer, we get to see the player make their way through the terrifying environment.

There's plenty of mutant creatures to haunt your dreams later on.

We get to see how the enemies attack and how the character defends itself.

The 14 minutes give plenty of examples in terms of different guns, functions and more.


Near the end of the trailer, the player escapes into a portal.

Here they approach some beast that's pretty messed up, then the trailer ends.

What or who might this thing be?


Source: Ebb Software Youtube

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