As Xbox Series X pre-orders went live around the world, the discontinued One X’s Amazon sales ranking soared

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Microsoft pulled the level on Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders on Tuesday.

The new next-gen console went up for sale on September 22, at 11 a.m. Eastern time, in a number of countries around the globe.


Understandably, there’s been some amount confusion surrounding Microsoft’s naming conventions, and consumers — or automated bots — have been ordering the One X in place of the new Series X.

But the company took care to discontinue the product ahead of the Series X’s pre-order window, and Amazon’s sales rankings are based on percentages, rather than transparent sales numbers, so it’s hard to be sure just how many One X units were bought by mistake Tuesday morning.

The 747% jump in the One X’s Amazing ranking “refers to the sales rank increase, not the increase in actual unit sales. Amazon is weird like that,” said Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, in a Twitter thread on Tuesday.

“One X was discontinued by Microsoft recently. With One S, Series S, and Series X now becoming the main options,” Ahmad said. “The increase in One X sales today could be incorrectly configured bots.”


He added, “If it’s not bots, the actual sales increase in minimal overall stock is extremely low.”

So it’s not as though Amazon is selling boatloads of One Xs, but some number of folks were probably confused by the name.

In any case, soon, the One X won’t be around at all.