Xbox Series X Load Times Revealed And They're Blisteringly Fast

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The next-gen consoles promise an enhanced gaming experience for players across multiple titles.

This not only includes an improvement in the console's graphical capabilities.


It also means an enhancement in performance and load times.

Fast load times are a significant factor for players looking to buy a next-gen console.

Microsft was clearly aware of this with their addition of the new SSD technology into the Xbox Series X.

Multiple recent hands-on previews have showcased the impressive speed and performance of the console.


Significant Reductions In Load Times On The Xbox Series X

Recent hands-on previews have showcased the reductions in load times on the Xbox Series X.

Gamespot's hands-on piece has laid out the exact load times of specific games on the Xbox Series X.

In addition, it lists the load times of the same games on the Xbox One for comparison.


When comparing the two, the Xbox Series X boasts an average reduction of 70% in load times.

This is across titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Control, and The Outer Worlds.

 It's clear Microsoft have recognised loading times are a significant factor for players when choosing a console.

This speed can be attributed to the new SSD technology inside the Xbox Series X.


It offers performance and speed that is almost incomparable to the Xbox One.

Quick Resume Feature

The new SSD technology has also allowed Microsoft to add the new 'Quick Resume' feature.

It allows players to jump in and out of multiple games without rebooting or suspending your progress.


This allows players to seamlessly transition between titles with no load times.

This is a serious game-changer for gaming and displays the progress in technology the Xbox Series X offers.

If you're looking for speed, Microsoft's console may be the choice for you.



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