Xbox Series X and Series S Full Game List: Every confirmed & rumoured game we expect to see on Microsoft’s upcoming consoles

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Xbox Series X, and it's cheaper counterpart the Xbox Series S, are coming in November.

Microsoft claims that the next-gen console will deliver the “most immersive console experience” with its futuristic specs, and this statement has every chance of standing true.

Though we haven’t seen a full breakdown of what exactly is inside the clunky exterior, we have a pretty strong idea of which upcoming games will feature on it.

For all the details on the upcoming Xbox’s improved framerates, loading times and graphics, check out our main article on the next-gen console.

However, if you’re here to find out what titles we'll be playing on the new box, continue reading.

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Here are all the titles we know of so far.

2020 Releases

2021 and Beyond

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