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24 Feb 2021

Xbox Series X And Series S: How To Join Xbox Live Parties

Next-gen is here with the Xbox Series X and S.

Although solo gaming can be a lot of fun, sometimes it isn't enough.

I have friends I've met through gaming who live all around the world.

Xbox parties allow this to happen!

Here's how to join a party on your Xbox Series X/S

How To Join Xbox Live Parties

First of all, you'll need an Xbox Live membership.

Then you'll have to be online, find out how to do that here.

From that point, you can either ask a friend to invite you to a party.

A notification will pop up, just hold the Xbox button down till you join.

Otherwise, you can start a party yourself.

Press the Xbox button on your controller, either use the bumpers or analog stick to move about the menu.

Head to the friends tab, pick a friend and select them.

Then press invite to party or join party.