Xbox Series S: How To Connect To Xbox Live

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If you've grabbed yourself a next-gen console, you probably can't wait to get online and playing with friends.

Most users now subscribe to Xbox Live due to not always having the time for couch co-op among other reasons.


There are a few ways to get yourself online, it's no different to the Xbox One.

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How To Connect To Xbox Live

Connecting to Xbox Live is simpler than it may initially seem.


There are two main ways to do so.

Wireless Connection

The first being creating a wireless connection.

Head to the Settings then General then Network Settings.


Here, select 'Set up wireless network', look through the list and find your wifi's name.

Enter your password and you should be connected to the internet.

If you have an Xbox Live subscription you should now be able to access all of the features!

Wired Connection


The simpler and most popular option, a wired connection.

Wired connection is as easy as plugging an ethernet cable into your router then into the Xbox.

A direct connection will also mean fast speeds and more seamless gameplay, depending on your internet package.

You should now be connected and free to play to your heart's content with others!


If you're having any issues with your internet there should be a troubleshoot option.