Xbox Rumoured To Be Publishing Third Party AAA Game With 'Ambitious Connected World'

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It seems the Xbox rumour mill is in overdrive at the moment, with yet more tidbits emerging about a possible publishing deal with a third party AAA studio.

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Xbox Rumoured To Be Publishing Third Party AAA Game With 'Ambitious Connected World'

As well as the rumour that Xbox Games Publishing are looking to secure a bunch of exclusives, and Phil Spencer's tease of something with Kojima Productions, WindowsCentral's Jez Corden has elaborated on a tweet he sent out earlier this week that had fans speculating about a possible deal with Sega or Ubisoft.

Corden has now played down those connections in a new article, instead saying it's actually in reference to a publishing deal Microsoft have struck with a "prominent third-party AAA studio."

"I don't want to share more details and spoil upcoming reveals for the devs or fans," he says, "but this particular one sounds extremely promising, set in what sounds like an ambitious connected world."

Beyond that, Corden also says he's aware of three other 'impressive' titles in the works from other 'high calibre' third party developers.

With Xbox one of the top companies confirmed to be taking part in this year's all-digital E3, it stands to reason that we'll start to learn a little bit more about what Microsoft have got cooking as we head towards June.

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