Xbox Reportedly Working On Some Third Party Exclusives

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Microsoft are reportedly looking to bolster the Xbox Series game line-up by securing a number of exclusive deals with third party developers.

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Xbox Reportedly Working On Some Third Party Exclusives

Rumours have been flying around rather a lot recently about what other possible deals Microsoft could strike following their $7.5 billion acquisition of Bethesda earlier this year.

Amongst the top contenders are SEGA - though Xbox attempted to dispel those rumours at Tokyo Games Show last year - and the possible arrival of Ubisoft titles on GamePass. WindowsCentral's Jez Corden has fanned the flames of both of those with the following tweet:


It's largely the cyclone emoji Corden signed off his tweet with that has got people speculating, with some claiming it resembles the Dreamcast logo, and others commenting on it's resemblance to Ubisoft's sigil.


It's also reminiscent of EA's Origin logo, though EA Play has been made available via GamePass already.

Whilst there are big name exclusives such as Fable and Perfect Dark coming to the Series systems, they're likely still a number of years off and so it makes sense that Microsoft could turn to striking deals with third parties in order to bolster it's exclusives offering in the meantime.

There's also speculation that a deal could be struck with Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima after a Kojima Productions statue was recently spotted on Xbox Head Phil Spencer's shelf during a recent livestream. Spencer has famously used his shelving to surreptitiously tease future announcements, even revealing the Xbox Series S before it's official announcement (not that anyone noticed).

We'll certainly have to keep our eyes peeled for any exciting announcements from Xbox as we head towards E3 season.