Microsoft No Longer Requires Xbox Live Gold for Free-To-Play Games

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Microsoft is removing Xbox Live Gold requirements for all free-to-play games multiplayer games, meaning free-to-play games are actually free-to-play now.

The new policy is live now across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and it’s not the only major change.

Microsoft is also adding Party Chat and Looking For Groups as free features on free-to-play games.


Demos with multiplayer and multiplayer games in beta phases are also eligible for free online multiplayer, no Xbox Live Gold subscription required.

Outside demos and the like, that means more than 50 games can now be played online for free, including Destiny 2, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

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Microsoft No Longer Requires Xbox Live Gold for Free-To-Play Games

You don’t have to do anything to activate the new Xbox Live Gold policy either.

It’s automatic.

However, you’ll still need a Gold subscription to play online in the paid expansions attached to free games.


Xbox Live Gold remains a requirement for paid games, and nothing else has changed.

It’s still included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and you still get two free games per month plus discounts on the Xbox online store.

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