Microsoft's Xbox streaming device possibly revealed via a random photo of Phil Spencer’s shelves

An image of the Xbox Keystone on Phil Spencer's shelves.

The games industry has had its fair share of weird reveals this year, with Gamescom’s Opening Night Live alone containing an unexpected Pokemon themed car and the dawn of Hideo Kojima’s podcast.

However, it seems Xbox’s Phil Spencer might have managed to top all of that, randomly revealing a highly anticipated piece of tech via a Twitter shot of Fallout’s Vault Boy sitting on his office shelves.

As reported by The Verge’s Tom Warren, also visible in the picture is a white rectangular device, which, according to Warren, is Xbox’s upcoming streaming device, codenamed Keystone.

What did you think when you saw the snap of Phil’s fancy digs?

Despite some gamers on platforms like ResetEra guessing that the small, white gadget could be a new version of the Xbox Kinect, Warren reports that it’ll be dedicated to giving players the option to play games via Xbox’s cloud services.

However, as pointed out by Kotaku’s Ethan Gach, there remains a little bit of debate over whether the device shown in Spencer’s picture is what the finalised version of the Keystone will look like, with Xbox’s official account having replied to Spencer’s tweet saying: “Now what did we say about putting old prototypes on your shelf boss?”

Regardless of which version of it was sitting on Spencer’s shelf, it seems as though the Google Chromecast-sized device will allow users to stream games in a similar manner to the already established Xbox TV App by plugging it into a monitor or TV.

Warren suggests that it might also host non-Xbox apps such as the popular Netflix, possibly giving people another way to stream TV shows and films.

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