What Is Xbox Announcing At The Game Awards?

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Xbox Series S and Series X are here, with the new console generation finally having begun for Microsoft.

In a recent video stream, Jeff Grubb from GamesBeat has noted that Microsoft "has something coming to The Game Awards".


Considering last year saw the reveal of both the console and Hellblade 2, here are our suggestions on what it could be.

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What Is Xbox Announcing At The Game Awards?

While many of Microsoft's first-party projects are known now, such as Fable, Halo Infinite, and a new Forza Motorsport title, there are still some question marks.


Arguably the biggest is what The Initiative has been up to. Microsoft's "AAAA" team has been staffing up for a while, recruiting talent from all over the industry.

While many had speculated that the title would be a reboot of the Perfect Dark franchise, no one can say for sure. Could we find out soon?

Then there's Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, a game which has been remarkably quiet since that stunning reveal last year.

Earlier this year, Microsoft didn't show off the game at its big first-party Series X event – could it be keeping it under wraps until now?


Any excuse to watch this again, really.

While we're pretty sure Halo Infinite won't be there (the devs said so last month), there's the possibility of more Forza footage. All we've seen so far is "in-engine" video, and with Sony's Gran Turismo franchise making its debut on PS5 in 2021, Microsoft will want to keep its sim-racer in players' minds.

Xbox Game Pass is arguably just as important than the company's hardware right now, and with recent comments that Game Pass is "just getting warmed up", could we see a bombshell announcement at The Game Awards?

AG approved gaming 🔥 on @XboxGamePass, and we’re just getting warmed up ahead of the holiday season! https://t.co/8nqusbMitZ
— matt percy (@mattpercyprime)
December 2, 2020

It's already incredible to think seventeen titles were added in December alone, and Game Awards presents a perfect opportunity to extoll the value of the service.


Finally, Microsoft is no stranger to throwing cash around. While that could result in some kind of timed exclusivity, it could result in more studios being acquired. Of course, this is a longshot for a large, multi-platform show, but stranger things have happened.