WoW Hotfixes: October 21 Patch Notes

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WoW Shadowlands is on its way, unfortunately, it's been delayed, you can read more about that here.

Whilst we wait, Blizzard has been busy at work on hotfixes.


These range from Battle For Azeroth and WoW Classic.

Some of the hotfixes will be implemented instantly, whereas others need a scheduled realm restart.

Below you can find the hotfixes for the 21st of October!

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October 21 Hotfix


  • The Character Transfer gold limit for characters level 40-49 has increased to 250,000 gold.


Demon Hunter

  • Vengeance
    • Fixed an issue that caused Armor to decrease when using Demon Spikes while there is an active Demon Spikes Armor buff.


  • Arcane
    • Arcane Pummeling (Azerite Trait) damage per wave reduced by 40%.
      • Developers’ note: With the change to Arcane's Mastery and Clearcasted Arcane Missiles, the Arcane Pummeling Azerite Trait gained more power than intended.


  • Discipline
    • Fixed an issue causing Atonement to heal for too little at low levels.
  • Shadow
    • Spiteful Apparitions (Azerite Trait) damage reduced by 34%.
    • Whispers of the Damned (Azerite Trait) Insanity generation reduced by 50%.

Dungeons and Raids

Utgarde Pinnacle

  • King Ymiron
    • Dark Slash now deals appropriate damage on Normal difficulty.


  • You’ll now be ported back onto the ship if you accidentally fall off during the Horde quest “Paint it Red” and Alliance quest “Unleash Hell”.

WoW Classic

  • The Hallow’s End Tricked or Treated aura can no longer be pushed off by other auras when reaching the aura limit.