Witcher 3 modder turns Geralt of Rivia into a regular human

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An image of The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia as a normal bloke.

Being a mutated monster slayer is pretty important to the character of Geralt of Rivia.

After all, the series probably wouldn’t be called The Witcher if its protagonist hadn’t been through the trial of the grasses and Mr of Rivia certainly wouldn't be as potent in combat and able to take on all manner of powerful foes without his enhanced reflexes and toxic potions.


Despite this, one modder has decided to have a go at recreating what everyone’s favourite gravelly-voiced medieval pest-control man might look like if he’d lived the life of a conventional human on The Continent.

Have you ever wondered what Geralt would look like if he hadn’t undergone those mutations?

The mod they’ve created is called ‘Geralt - Not longer a Witcher’ and is the work of modder mathewsax, whose previous work has helped make Geralt look a little less battle-hardened by removing the patchwork of scars from his body.

This time, they’ve gone one step further, getting rid of the same scars, plus the trademark ones carved into the white wolf’s wizened visage, to get rid of any evidence that he’s spent time wrestling with Zeugls in sewers or slapping up giants in dung piles.


Along with these changes comes a shift in hair colour, with Geralt’s iconic white mane, a bi-product of his original mutations, being switched out for some dark curls and stubble that certainly won’t stand out in a crowd.

The final change is a little more subtle, seeing the ex-witcher’s glowing, cat-like eyes be ditched for a pair of ocean-blue peepers that might not come with the same enhanced vision.

Naturally, the mod isn’t able to go all the way and get rid of of the numerous mutation-based powers and abilities that Geralt benefits from during gameplay, but if you ban yourself from drinking any potions or using any signs and find every clue without using your witcher senses, you’ll end up with a pretty good idea of how hard killing monsters is a regular bloke.

However, one power that you will have to opt into is Nvidia’s hairworks, which must be enabled in order for the mod to work, presumably so that you can use dramatic hair flicks to dazzle and distract your foes in place of employing Axii.


Regardless of whether you think acting like you’re in a shampoo advert will get you past the boss fight with Eredin, make sure to follow us for more coverage of some equally interesting and wacky Elden Ring and Skyrim mods.