Will Xbox One Controllers Work On Xbox Series X And S?

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Planning on buying an Xbox Series X or S?

Got too many Xbox One controllers already and don't want to buy more for next-gen?


You may be in luck. We're going to tell you whether your current controller is compatible with your next console.

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Will Xbox One Controllers Work On Xbox Series X And S?

Microsoft has been vocal about the fact they want the focus to be on players when creating the new consoles.


Not only will Xbox One controllers be usable for the Xbox Series X and S but the next-gen controllers will also be backwards compatible (Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs).

The new controller will also work with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, an addon which supports players with disabilities.

Microsoft has been making backwards compatibility a core value for the Xbox franchise.

I still remember the joy I felt finding out I could play Viva Pinata on the Xbox One, dumb I know, but a feature that had been overlooked.


If you have a controller that holds sentimental value or you just bought one but also want the new console, don't sell it!

As well as the many reasons to keep your Xbox One controller, there's currently no confirmed price for Xbox Series X and S controllers and I'd rather not break the bank!

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Xbox One controllers, ordinary and elite versions will work on Xbox Series X.


Xbox Adaptive Controller will work on Xbox Series X and Series S.

Xbox Series X Controller will work on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.