AT&T Merger Puts Big Question Mark Over WarnerBros Interactive Studios

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AT&T is merging with Discovery, the company announced in a new press release, and it means some uncertainty moving forward for WarnerBros games.

Early reports suggest some studios will belong jointly to Discovery and Warner Media, while others remain under AT&T. DC Comics and Rooster Teeth are among the studios said to be co-owned by Discovery now.

The move is part of AT&T’s broader bid to remain competitive in the content production and distribution fields, though as yet, there’s been no official word on how the move could affect WarnerBros Interactive studios.


Aside from DC and Rooster Teeth, these include Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm and the makers of Batman, including the Arkham games and the upcoming Gotham Knights.

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AT&T Merger Puts Big Question Mark Over WarnerBros Interactive Studios

As is usually the case with these types of announcements, the press release focuses on maximizing the value both companies can offer shareholders.

The properties WarnerBros Interactive studios publish make it seem unlikely the new company would sell any of them outright, though it likely depends on what sort of new “investor base” AT&T wants to attract moving forward.

Either way, the merger likely explains the almost radio silence we’ve had lately about the new NetherRealm project, Suicide Squad, the new Lego Star Wars game, and more.

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