WesterosCraft: Game of Thrones' World Recreated in Minecraft

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We’ve seen some massive, life-like builds in Minecraft before, but NOTHING compares to WesterosCraft!

What is WesterosCraft? Well, 'Westeros’ is part of a world created in the series of books, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, imagined and written by author George R.R. Martin, which would later be recreated into a little-known TV show called ‘Game of Thrones’.


WesterosCraft is the rebuilding of this world in one of gaming's most popular games: Minecraft. However, I’m guessing you already knew that part. What you won't know though is just how big of a project this has turned out to be.

Since the start of the build, WesterosCraft has had hundreds of builders help create this gigantic map. It currently clocks in at several gigabytes in file size, and boasts dimensions of an incredible 22,000 x 59,000 blocks.

Apparently this is the equivilant size of all of Los Angeles!


That’s not all though; after nearly two years of building and crafting, Westeros is only approximately 70% complete.

It's not even finished yet! Project leaders expect it to take at least another year until they’ll have completed a fully functioning, playable, role-playing game in their Westeros creation. Yes, that’s correct, you will be able to play WesterosCraft! 

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait to play the full RPG, but if you simply can’t wait, why not help build it?


Visit their website, fill out the form, and if you’re successful you could be part of this amazing project.

That's not all though - there might be be even MORE! In the FAQ section of their site one of the questions asks: “Are you going to build Essos? (Qarth, Astapor, Braavos, etc)". Is this two year project, soon to be three year project, just the beginning? Here's hoping!

You can also check out their YouTube channel for a more in-depth, moving-picture view of WesterosCraft:


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