WB Games Montréal Keeps Teasing A New Batman Game

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It’s been nearly a year since WB Games started teasing the next big Batman game, and the publisher just dropped an exciting new series of hints about the project.

A cryptic video posted to Twitter has led Bat-fans to an equally cryptic website: r3dakt3d.com. “We have been expecting you,” the site reads.


It also offers a date — August 18.

By digging around in the site’s source code, fans have managed to unearth what appears to be an in-game map of Gotham City.

August 18 Update

If you want to download the hidden (partial) map of Gotham to pore over yourself, just head to r3dakt3d.com and enter the first code: 7-6-1.


After it unlocks, you’ll get a message: “One step closer.”

It appears that there are three more days of code-cracking before we get to the game’s proper reveal on Saturday, August 22.

Beware The Court Of Owls

According to GamesRadar’s Leon Hurley, an image emblazoned with the title Batman: Gotham Knights was at one point visible on the game’s Instagram account, though that appears to have been taken down for now.


The image, which could either be fan-made or official art posted prematurely, is evocative of the fan-favorite comic-book story The Court of Owls. And it’s easy for fans to imagine the potential of a game with Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing teaming up to take down the Court of Owls.

Last year, many noticed that Owls co-creator and Batman scribe Scott Snyder seemed to tweet confirmation of the Court’s involvement in this new game project, but that tweet vanished pretty quickly.

DC FanDome: August 22

We’ll definitely hear more about the project during DC FanDome, a virtual comic-con event taking place on August 22.


WB Montréal has an event scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday, with organizers teasing a “first look at an exciting new game,” as well as a Q&A with the developers.