WATCH: 12 Minutes Of Black Myth: WuKong Gameplay Footage

Black Myth: WuKong is an upcoming action-adventure game created by Game Science, a Chinese video game studio.

It has been around a year since the last look at the game and this time we get to see 12 minutes of gameplay footage shot in real-time on the Unreal 5 Engine.

The 12-minute trailer features content players can expect to see in-game, such as cut scenes and two different boss encounters.

Everything shown in the trailer is still a work in progress and is subject to change before the release of the game.

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WATCH: 12 Minutes Of Black Myth: WuKong Gameplay Footage

Game Science has stated that their inspiration for creating the game is the legendary Chinese novel Journey to the West, a famous piece of Chinese literature.

While this story focuses on WuKong, the story goes much deeper, featuring many interesting characters from the original story, and exploring who the enemy is and why exactly they are engaged in conflict.

The team wanted to create a video game that tells a great story, that features high-quality graphics and game-play, and after the recent look at the game, it is safe to say they are heading in the right direction to nail these before launch.

While there is currently no release date, the developers say it will be released when they feel as players the game is ready, and not before.

The team dreams of creating a Black Myth series, which is a factor in deciding when they release the game.

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