Warzone players slam increase in lag spikes

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Image showing Warzone player lagging and Ghost falling from sky
Credit: Activision

Lag in any kind of shooter game is far from ideal. Having a poor connection prevents players from landing their shots and in Warzone, it’s no different. While the connection of players is the most likely cause of lag, there are occasions where the game is to blame.

As Season 5 Reloaded heads towards the end of the Pacific era, players continue to drop onto Caldera for one final time. As many attempt to score one last win before the launch of Warzone 2, players are encountering more issues following the mid-season update.

Despite numerous fixes from Raven Software, Warzone players continue to experience game-breaking lag spikes over the course of a match. Unlike many occasions, player connection isn’t the issue.

Warzone lag spikes are ruining the game

Since the Season 5 Reloaded update launched across PC and consoles, several members of the community have fallen victim to short bursts of lag that result in an early trip to the gulag. “I’ve been getting crazy bad lag spikes ever since the update,” claims Reddit user 'young_k0be'.

According to the user, lag occurs when attempting to access a loadout drop or a buy station. Although Raven Software has applied fixes to prevent buy station freezing, players are still encountering this hugely frustrating issue. “I’m getting random straight-up freezing now. Like 2-3 seconds of just freezing,” says another player.

Whether it’s freezing or lag, Season 5 of Warzone keeps encountering various issues much to the annoyance of fans. With no more updates planned for this iteration of the battle royale, there’s a slim chance of the random lag spikes and freezing completely disappearing. To prevent any freezing in the buy station menus, try and navigate them at a slower speed to prevent the game from going into meltdown.

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