Free Warzone bundle seems to be charging players COD Points

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Image showing World Series of Warzone bundle and Warzone operators
Credit: Activision

Seeing a free Warzone bundle packed with plenty of content is a rarity. Fans of the battle royale are familiar with having to part way with thousands of COD Points in order to get their hands on the more unique cosmetic items.

Bundles contain everything ranging from exclusive Operator skins, weapon blueprints, and weapon charms to add personal touches to your loadout.

With Season 5 Reloaded in full swing, a bundle celebrating the World Series of Warzone hit the store. For many, the bundle appears with no cost suggesting it’s free but upon claiming the bundle, players are noticing that the game is taking 2k COD Points from their accounts much to their annoyance.

Free Warzone bundle isn't free after all

The unusual bug caught the attention of Reddit user “Character-Pie-3389” who claimed the content branded as free before realising a few thousand COD Points had left their account. “Bundle said it was free but took 2000 COD points,” states the player.

It turns out that it’s not an isolated incident. Several players attempting to get their hands on the World Series of Warzone bundle are seeing their COD Points vanish despite the bundle clearly stating that players don’t have to spend any in-game currency.

According to numerous users, the bundle was free for Prime Gaming subscribers and since then, it appears the Warzone store hasn’t updated with the new cost leaving members of the community frustrated and out-of-pocket.

For those that have already seen their hard-earned points disappear from their accounts, it’s best to contact Activision support to see if the publisher can reimburse the points. If not, there’s a high chance of those affected receiving some kind of compensation for this unintentional glitch in the system.

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