Warzone player opens Fortune's Keep secret room

Image showing Warzone Fortune's Keep map and secret room behind a dartboard.
Credit: Activision

Following its launch as part of Warzone season 4, the Fortune’s Keep map provides a popular middle-ground between the vast expanse of Caldera and the close-quarters chaos of Rebirth Island.

Within the confines of the map, players dropping into the action continue to uncover a range of Easter Eggs and secrets that provide plenty of game-changing rewards that turn the tide of a match.

Although the focus is turning to the release of Warzone 2, plenty of players continue to battle to become the last one standing. In a recent match, a player manages to unlock a secret room much to their surprise.

The secret room unlocked

While exploring a small cluster of buildings close to Fortune’s Keep’s graveyard, Reddit user “Brad_Clitt” notices a locked door inside a two-storey building. After throwing a throwing knife at the dartboard hanging on a nearby wall, the door opens.

When the knife hits the bullseye, the Warzone announcer says “that’s one less loose end,” a throwback to 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 campaign where General Shepherd betrays Task Force 141. Additionally, the room contains plenty of high-tier loot capable of making a huge impact in the latter stages of a match.

The player also provides more details on where to find the locked room and the dartboard. “In the town, near the buy station closest to the graveyard. There’s a two-storey building. It overlooks the little fountain/plaza area.”

It’s not the first time players can use a dartboard to get their hands on loot. The mine on the Blackout map featured a dartboard next to a locked prison cell. Throwing a knife at the board unlocks the cell, giving players access to a wealth of rare items.

Several Warzone players will know Fortune’s Keep like the back of their hand so it’s great to see the community discovering new secrets hidden across the battlefield.

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