Warzone fans discuss the best weapons to use in Season 4 right now

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Screenshot of Warzone player taking cover behind concrete block and Warzone player examining SMG in abandoned urban street
Credit: Activision

Searching for the best weapons to use in Warzone can prove a tedious task. With so many different guns and weapons to choose between, finding those that stand out from the crowd can take a bit longer than would be ideal.

Now that Season 4 is in full swing, debates around the game's new meta continue to rage among fans. One professional player believes long and short-range weapons are ruining ranked play, while others think Season 4’s health changes are preventing a weapon category from excelling.

The latest topic fans are discussing centres around the best weapons to use in the latest season of the battle royale, with the usual popular choices being flanked by some new attractive options.

The best Warzone Season 4 guns

In a post from Reddit user GroundbreakingKey964, the fan declared that they want to know the weapons other players have been using since the update increased player health.

They revealed: “I’ve found the AK74u (Kastov 74u) and M13 (M13B) are big winners for me. Plus, the TAQ-V is back on the menu after a couple (of) seasons.” As expected, several community members were quick to share their own recommendations.

One fan has stated that the “Lachmann 556 and the PDSW 528” are strong picks for mid-range and close-quarters combat respectively. Meanwhile, user No_Okra9230 suggested a more left-field option, saying: “Literally the Strela-P. I used it before too, but the increased (health) doesn’t mean much when the Strela still one shots.” Launchers can often fly under the radar in Warzone, but if the Strela-P is still capable of dealing huge damage, it could prove more popular, as fans look for any kind of advantage in matches.

Other picks ranged from the M4 assault rifle to the SP-X 80 sniper rifle, for those long-distance duels. There’s every chance another dose of weapon balancing is on the way soon, so make the most of these recommendations before they’re impacted by nerfs.

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