Warzone 2 player claims underrated AR is the ranked meta

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Screenshot of Warzone 2 player holding M16 assault rifle and Warzone 2 player wearing white hoodie and holding SMG
Credit: Activision

With so many Warzone 2 guns to choose from, determining the best ones to use is a tricky task. Season 3 Reloaded for Call of Duty’s battle royale is well underway and as players drop into Al Mazrah for some competitive action, everyone’s looking to gain an advantage.

The first ranked play season is in full swing and with scoring kills a key ingredient to climbing the skill divisions, there are some unorthodox weapons standing out from the crowd while others choose to stick to the meta.

Throughout the cycle, one AR has fallen to the bottom of the list, but one player claims it’s one of the very best to use in competitive play.

Is the M16 in the Warzone 2 meta?

Reddit user Rollzy2015 says the M16 is part of the ever-changing meta following the most recent dose of weapon buffs and nerfs.

“It’s now, in my opinion, the meta gun once you get to used to it,” claims the fan. The M16 received a hefty buff in Season 3 Reloaded and with some of the more popular rifles receiving a nerf, there’s every chance this iconic Call of Duty weapon climbs the ranks once again.

Other members of the community are eager to test the M16 in their ranked matches. “Why do you choose the Phase 3 grip?” questions one player. This particular attachment improves recoil stabilisation in addition to idle stability when aiming, guaranteeing a high level of accuracy is maintained during a gunfight.

With plenty of other viable options available, it’s unclear if the resurgence of the M16 will have a lasting impact on the current meta. For the time being, it’s definitely worth using the rifle in Season 3 Reloaded.

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