Warzone 2 streamers boycott game in favour of Warzone 1

Warzone Pacific player holding gun and ZLaner wearing glasses
Credit: Activision / ZLaner

Warzone Pacific player holding gun and ZLaner wearing glasses
Credit: Activision / ZLaner

The state of Warzone 2 is a hot topic of debate among players dropping into Call of Duty’s battle royale. Despite the best efforts of Raven Software and Infinity Ward, the sequel has struggled to capture the same magic generated by its predecessor.

With Season Three on the horizon, there are no signs of the developers addressing various issues impacting players on a regular basis. Members of the community claim each update makes Warzone 2 worse while others continue to berate ‘lazy devs’ following an influx in cheaters.

As content creators grow tired of Warzone 2, several streamers are returning to Warzone 1 and seem to have a much better time.

Is Warzone 1 better than Warzone 2?

In a bid to demonstrate why the first Warzone is better than the second, OpTic Gaming streamer ZLaner returned to Caldera during a recent stream. Thanks to the fluid movement mechanics, he managed to pull off an unthinkable clutch to keep his squad alive.

“You’re just not doing that on skill gap Warzone 2!” exclaims the streamer. The slower pace and the lack of skill gap continue to frustrate Warzone 2 fans that are desperate for an overhaul of the mechanics.

Judging by the comments, there are plenty of players that believe Caldera offers a superior experience to Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. “People can say whatever they want but this clip is more entertaining than any WZ2 experience,” comments one fan.

With more streamers returning to Caldera instead of the more up-to-date offering, is it time for Activision to take note as viewing figures continue to dwindle? The likelihood of any major changes to Warzone 2 is slim but if content creators look elsewhere for their battle royale fix, there are no signs of the game escaping the gulag once and for all.

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