Warzone 2 players furious over increase in Resurgence cheaters

Warzone 2 Resurgence cheater increase
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 Resurgence cheater increase
Credit: Activision

Despite the best efforts of Activision’s Ricochet anti-cheat, Warzone 2 hackers continue slipping through the net to ruin matches. Call of Duty’s battle royale is no stranger to cheaters gaining an unfair advantage. In most cases, Ricochet manages to catch any players showcasing unusually high accuracy or anyone that can see through walls.

As the focus switches to the Season Two Reloaded update, legitimate players are growing tired of encountering hackers that send them to the gulag much earlier than planned.

Following the launch of Ashika Island, the hackers are moving over from Al Mazrah, much to the annoyance of fans trying to enjoy the fast-paced Resurgence mode.

Warzone 2 hackers ruining Resurgence

Although Ricochet remains active, Reddit user Sting__Ray claims ‘prevalent cheating’ occurs during Resurgence matches. “I’ve played nearly 5 back-to-back games encountering 2 or 3 separate teams of cheaters each,” reveals the player.

It turns out they’re not the only ones noticing hackers running riot on Ashika Island. “I saw 1 blatant cheater, and one possible cheater in 5 games last night,” comments another frustrated member of the community. Another notes that there are still hackers capable of crashing an entire lobby. “The DDOS crowd is growing strong.”

The presence of hackers in Warzone 2 is always problematic, especially when there are minimal updates from the team behind Ricochet. On the other hand, Activision isn’t letting cheaters and cheat providers off the hook. In February, a judge ruled two known associates of a notable cheat provider with a hefty $3 million fine in its latest attempt to stop players from getting their hands on hacks.

With Infinity Ward and Raven Software constantly applying updates, let’s hope there are changes to Ricochet that reduce the number of hackers once and for all.

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