Warzone 2 players suggest removal of core feature to improve ranked play

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Screenshot of Warzone 2 player holding sniper rifle out the window of a vehicle and Ghost Operator holding assault rifle next to hip
Credit: Activision

The arrival of Warzone 2 saw numerous additions, in order to allow the game to differentiate itself from its predecessor. Adjustments to the gulag and the presence of AI soldiers quickly split the opinions of players dropping into the action and in Season 3 Reloaded, that AI remains a controversial topic.

With the launch of Season 4 on the horizon, fans constantly running into issues ranging from overpowered melee damage to the infamous gas mask glitch that allows players to hide outside of the circle and score the easy win.

Despite this, Warzone 2 ranked play remains packed with players and now one fan thinks removing a core element of its gameplay could help build on this popularity, by drastically improving the competitive experience.

Does Warzone 2 ranked need AI?

After looking at how to improve the mode, Reddit user Patara says it’s time “to get rid of AI in ranked.”

The user says “they offer no positive influence on the gameplay loop and the strongholds could easily just be turned into high-tier loot locations.” Judging by the comments, there are plenty of other players in favour of scrapping AI. “Why stop there?” replies another fan. “Get rid of AI in all PvP modes. AI does not belong in Warzone.”

While these players believe AI doesn't belong in battle royale modes, there’s seemingly one in which it does work as intended. One user says, “DMZ is the only place AI should be allowed,” an idea that it’s hard to disagree with, as the PvPvE mode offers a more casual Call of Duty experience with no skill divisions or SR to earn. This means the AI presence helps the mode, rather than hindering it.

Treyarch, the developer behind Warzone 2 ranked, often makes quick decisions to maintain a level playing field. Within the May 24 patch notes, thermal optics were restricted along with adjustments to the scoring system. We’ll have to wait and see if it decides to eliminate the AI once and for all.

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