Warzone 2 leak reveals new Resurgence map

Warzone player looking through binoculars and Warzone 2 player wearing mask
Credit: Activision

Warzone player looking through binoculars and Warzone 2 player wearing mask
Credit: Activision

Although Warzone 2 players are fans of Al Mazrah, many are still looking for a smaller battleground to provide a faster pace of play in Call of Duty’s latest battle royale. With the disappearance of Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island from Warzone Caldera, attention is turning to the launch of a Resurgence map.

With the start of Season One Reloaded on the horizon, the chances of a new map appearing are slim but there is good news if you’re already growing tired of Al Mazrah.

The second season of post-launch content is still a while away but a recent leak has uncovered a first look at the map expected to arrive.

New Warzone 2 map leaked

The exact source of the leak is unclear but Reddit user ‘iamDEVANS’ managed to grab a map overview of an island you can see off the southern coast of Al Mazrah.

Featuring ten points of interest, the map design features plenty of open space with lots of built-up areas lining the coastline. While some are fans of the alleged design, one fan hopes Infinity Ward isn’t reusing old assets. “All I ask is that they do not recycle locations and old map stuff again. I really do hope that it’s a different map with new POIs and not small parts of the big map.”

Unfortunately, it’s bad news if you’re hoping for a brand-new battleground for Warzone 2’s Resurgence mode. The castle in the centre of the map is the multiplayer map from World at War and Vanguard. Additionally, the pink cherry blossom trees on the map match leaked Season Two key art that shows Operators fighting near the trees and pagodas synonymous with the map.

However, the rest of the map looks original which is great if you want to explore some new areas. As always, it’s important to take leaks with a pinch of salt but with Activision already issuing DMCAs, there’s a chance the image is the new Resurgence map.

When is the Warzone 2 Resurgence map launching?

According to a recent Activision blog post, fans of small Warzone maps can expect ‘exciting developments’ in the battle royale during future seasons. Although there’s no concrete release date, there’s a high chance it won’t be long before you’re dropping into a smaller map.

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