Warzone 2 leak claims loadouts are returning

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Image showing Warzone 2 map and loadout selection
Credit: Activision

The Call of Duty Next event gave Warzone fans their very first look at Warzone 2, the next chapter of the franchise’s battle royale experience. Alongside the brand-new map, numerous content creators showcased a new loot system and the arrival of AI.

Following the event, many were left frustrated with the slow looting interface in addition to the lack of loadouts that appeared over the course of a match. Unlike Modern Warfare 2, the team behind Warzone 2 are taking feedback on board and implementing changes already.

A recent leak claims loadouts are returning in Warzone 2 alongside improvements to AI and adjustments to how players can get their hands on loot.

Loadouts are returning in Warzone 2

According to Warzone content creator Metaphor, loadouts are making their way back into Warzone 2 after they disappeared in favour of a new system allowing players to purchase their favourite weapons from a buy station.

Additionally, the streamer claims lootable perks are also returning after their successful addition in the latter stages of the Pacific era.

While many fans are excited by the return of familiar features from the first Warzone, some are wondering why another title should release if it’s going to recycle the same features. “What’s the point of another Warzone game if it’s just going to be like the first one?” questions @amalgamatedecho.

As with leaks, it’s important to take them with a pinch of salt even with Metaphor possessing an impressive track record when it comes to revealing information on Warzone 2. The battle royale acts as a fresh start with a brand-new map, a new weapon arsenal, and the appearance of AI that now appear in Strongholds.

Although a lot of focus is on Warzone 2, let’s hope Infinity Ward can balance development alongside Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer so Call of Duty fans can receive a great experience across the board.

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