Warzone 2 bug is giving gulag players a huge headstart

Warzone 2 gulag and Ghost holding SMG blueprint
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 gulag and Ghost holding SMG blueprint
Credit: Activision

The gulag continues to separate Warzone 2 from the rest of the battle royale genre. The arena acts as a last-chance saloon for players to earn a second chance in Al Mazrah and become the last one standing at the very end.

With the start of Season Two Reloaded right around the corner, members of the community keep encountering various bugs and glitches that are ruining matches. Despite fans listing changes developers must make to revive the game, new problems keep appearing.

The latest issue involves those visiting the gulag. Rather than the round starting at exactly the same time, some players are gaining an unfair headstart.

The Warzone 2 gulag is broken

Discovered by Reddit user RRR-Craigyroo, this particular problem allows gulag players to move around before the countdown clock hits zero resulting in one of the two players receiving a huge advantage.

According to several players, this isn’t a new problem affecting those jumping into the action. “There has been a lot of videos on here about this,” reveals one commenter that’s noticed the issue isn’t an isolated incident. Several fans have reported issues where their gulag opponent has the ability to move before the round starts.

Warzone 2’s gulag has undergone significant makeovers over the course of one and a half seasons. Previously, two teams of two battled it out before an AI combatant known as the jailer spawned in.

The exact reasoning behind this unusual exploit remains a mystery. But, with several players encountering the issue, there’s a high possibility Infinity Ward and Raven Software are working hard to prevent the gulag from descending into further chaos.

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