New Warzone 2 player claims the game is 'unplayable'

Warzone 2 player standing near stronghold and Warzone 2 player holding gun
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player standing near stronghold and Warzone 2 player holding gun
Credit: Activision

Although there are numerous game-breaking bugs and glitches ruining Warzone 2, millions of players continue to drop into Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Call of Duty’s battle royale is one of the biggest names in the genre and its free-to-play nature is hugely enticing for those yet to play.

With Season Three on the horizon, fans are livid following recent announcements from other publishers in addition to ‘lazy devs’ failing to deal with hackers continuing to gain unfair advantages.

One player that took part in their first-ever Warzone 2 match claims the game is unplayable for those yet to experience a Call of Duty title.

Is Warzone 2 unplayable?

Reddit user majds1 believes there are a number of factors that make Warzone 2 tricky to master for newcomers. “I can’t play it at all. Seems like every player I’m being put against is somehow a pro.”

Majds is no stranger to battle royales having racked up plenty of hours on Apex Legends and asks why Warzone 2 is proving problematic. “What’s the issue exactly? Feels like there’s no SBMM since everyone who’s killing me is around level 400.”

The community came to the rescue with some useful tips and tricks to help the player improve. “Play resurgence on repeat,” comments one fan. The smaller map combined with a faster pace and the ability to respawn is certainly sound advice.

As with most first-person shooters, learning the mechanics and understanding the meta takes plenty of time. Rather than Warzone 2 being too difficult for new players, it sounds like Madjs just needs a bit of time to master the game before successfully climbing aboard the victory helicopter.

Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of Warzone 2 guides to help them out. For more intel, check out the best ISO Hemlock loadout and all there is to know about the next double XP event taking place.

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