Warzone 2 hackers are making speedboats fly

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Warzone 2 speedboat flying with Warzone 2 player in background
Credit: Activision

Despite the best efforts of Ricochet anti-cheat, the number of Warzone 2 hackers is on the rise much to the annoyance of fans. Over the course of a match, you may encounter cheaters using tools to see through walls or provide superhuman accuracy and it’s hugely frustrating.

Although the anti-cheat is managing to prevent the majority of hackers from dropping into Al Mazrah, some are still slipping through the next to cause chaos in your matches.

As attention turns to the Season One Reloaded update, numerous hackers are flying through the air. Instead of using a helicopter, speedboats are patrolling the skies.

Warzone 2 flying speedboat hacks

Seeing a speedboat flying above Al Mazrah is certainly unusual. During a match, Reddit user “Stoic2314” and their squadmates attempt to deal with an airborne raft attempting to run them down.

While the hackers channel their inner Jack Sparrow, they decide to utilise proximity chat to play the main soundtrack to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise sending the squad into hysterics.

A flying speedboat often brings your match to an early end as there are very few ways to counter them but despite the hacks ruining the game, fans aren’t overly bothered by the cheaters. “It can be funny while still being annoying and game-breaking,” says one user. Another provides a simple solution to stop the air pirates from sending you to the gulag: “You can counter them by just being inside.”

So, if you manage to spot a speedboat scouting the skies of Al Mazrah, head into the nearest building. Once the cheaters realise you’re safe, they’ll fly away and you can continue your quest to become the last one standing.

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