Warzone 2 bug is causing audio to disappear

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Warzone 2 player holding gun and Ghost with mute symbol on chest
Credit: Activision

The audio in Warzone 2 often causes debate among players dropping into Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Sometimes, fans have the ability to listen out for nearby footsteps but on most occasions, it’s impossible to tell when an opponent is close by.

With the focus switching towards the launch of Season Three, various issues continue to impact Call of Duty’s battle royale. Players continue to end up stuck inside buy stations while others grow tired of ‘lazy devs’ failing to combat cheaters gaining an unfair advantage.

This time around, one player is experiencing an issue where the in-game audio is cutting out completely. Is another bug responsible?

Warzone 2 has disappearing audio?

Following a recent match, Reddit user NuclearLlama41 reports problems where the sound completely cuts out before causing the game to freeze. Despite trying various fixes, the problem still occurs.

“A few minutes after that it will crash with no error code,” reveals the fan. “I’ve reinstalled, scanned files, updated drivers, and nothing.” The appearance of another game-breaking bug is not surprising. Throughout two seasons, the audio remains one of Warzone 2’s weaknesses and a new problem that causes the game to crash is far from ideal.

However, the issue may not involve a new glitch breaking the battle royale. “Seems like your graphics card is crashing,” comments one player. Although a broken graphics card is potentially bad news for NuclearLlama, it’s positive that the issue shouldn’t affect players still attempting to become the last one standing.

The current state of Warzone 2 and the Call of Duty franchise continues to frustrate fans. Following the reveals of Counter Strike 2 and the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, the community is patiently waiting to see how Activision and its studios can re-establish Call of Duty as a frontrunner in the shooter genre.

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