Warzone 2 players demand return of 1v1 gulag

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Warzone 2 players holding guns with cross and tick
Credit: Activision

The Warzone 2 gulag underwent a makeover in Call of Duty’s latest battle royale. Instead of two players dropping into the last-chance saloon, four, in addition to a heavily armoured AI, attempt to earn a second chance in Al Mazrah where everyone has a chance to win.

Since launch, very few adjustments to the gulag have arrived, much to the annoyance of those dropping into the action. As attention turns to the launch of Season Two, some are hoping for Infinity Ward to implement changes.

The biggest change to your gulag experience is the addition of two-versus-two battles and many already want one-versus-one duels to make a return.

Should Warzone 2 have a 1v1 gulag?

As players continue discussing potential changes to Warzone 2, Reddit user RagingWookies pleads with the developers to bring back the old gulag where two players battle it out for a second chance.

Alongside reducing the player count, some also want the jailer to disappear. “The jailer sucks,” says one fan. “It just runs me down every single gulag that lasts long enough.” By defeating the jailer, you and the rest of the gulag earn another chance in Al Mazrah and considering it’s a win-win scenario for everyone, seeing a small portion of players attempt to eliminate it renders it useless.

It’s not just the gulag players want changing. After continuous pleas with the developers, Infinity Ward has slashed the cost of loadout guns, leading some to believe loadout drops are returning in the not-too-distant future.

All these changes to make Warzone 2 play like Warzone Caldera are certainly interesting, but the original gulag without AI and an extra teammate is far superior to the current system. Hopefully, the feedback is heard and you’ll land in a gulag where one gunfight against a single opponent decides your fate.

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