Valorant: Riot Teaser Suggests Snow And Ice Theme For Act 3

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The release of Valorant's Act 3 is finally on the horizon.

Fans have been wondering what Riot has in store for the game's next big update.

Well, the release of a mysterious teaser today by Riot has revealed some answers.


Mysterious Teaser Suggests Snow Theme For Act 3

Riot released a mysterious teaser today on the official Valorant Twitter page.

It asked fans to decode an image that was filled with words from multiple languages.

Check it out below:

Decode this.
October 2, 2020

It didn't take long for fans to decode the image and reveal what Riot was teasing.

@PlayerIGN was one of the first people to decode the message.

Check out his tweet below:

Arabic: Bring a coatRussian (bottom left): Forget Turkish (top): It is ColdRussian (middle): WeaponTurkish (bottom right): over there3A = 3rd Act?
— PlayerIGN (@PlayerIGN)
October 2, 2020

Once fully translated, the message states, "It is cold over there, bring a coat and forget the weapon".


This suggests Riot may be introducing a snow or ice theme with Act 3.

Potentially Riot is considering adding a snow map to the game.

This would make sense as we're approaching December and Christmas.

On top of this, there's a chance we receive a new agent with Act 3.

A brand new agent with a wintery or cold theme could be an interesting addition to the roster.

Either way, it's exciting to receive some information on Act 3.

Fingers-crossed Riot continues to tease us with more Act 3 details.

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