Valkyrae & Bella Poarch will star in ‘Build a Bitch’ music video

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Ever since Valkyrae appeared in Corpse Husband and Machine Gun Kelly's Music Video, fans have been waiting for more. In the music video "Daywalker," Valkyrae lip-synced Corpse Husband's lyrics since the singer does not appear in public. The entire song was incredible, and Valkyrae said she was looking forward to more videos.


Bella Poarch, known for her popular TikTok videos, has brought Valkyrae into yet another music video. Valkyrae and Bella Poarch announced 'Build a Bitch' will be released on May 14th on the 100thieves stream and many tweets. If you would like to hear the song for which the music video is planned, you can find it below.

There is a lot of content that followed the reveal, from tweets to videos. Valkyrae and Bella Poarch are huge deals to their platforms, and seeing them together sparks a big reaction.


Bella Poarch is launching her music career, so having a friend like Valkyrae to bring attention to her songs is excellent.

Valkyrae may be leading up to her own songs

In February, Valkyrae talked about releasing a solo song before "Daywalker" and "Build A Bitch." For quite some time, Natsumiii, better known as Wendy, pestered Valkyrae to sing. On Twitter, Valkyrae revealed she would be recording a song after Natsumiii convinced her.


Twitter users quickly noted the fact that Valkyrae sings after the announcement. Her singing clips rapidly circulated online. However, other elements go into making a song, such as beats and lyrics. Fortunately, she has friends who can assist her if necessary.

Someone on Twitter used Valkyrae's humming as a basis for a beat, which is good enough to be the intro to today's hit songs. This clip has made many Twitter users eagerly anticipate what Valkyrae will release in the future. If she finally shows her singing ability, she will skyrocket in popularity to heights unseen.