Upcoming GTA Online DLC Will Add Leadership and Luxury

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Rockstar gives GTA5 players the gift of new DLC this month and once again the content is free!

The upcoming online content will let players live the life of luxury as a crime lord in “Executives and Other Criminals”, which provides players with new luxury housing options, including the Super Yacht.


Even better? The Super Yacht isn’t just a fancy home on the water, but fully staffed and upgradable.

Players can become their own crime boss and build their criminal organisation or choose to be a bodyguard for someone else. For those who choose to run their own operation, they will gain access to new co-op jobs, challenges, and special abilities in Freemode. The crime lord also has the power to hire and fire other players from their bodyguard detail—they are the boss after all.

If a players chooses the path of a bodyguard instead of a boss, they will earn a regular pay check plus the typical stat boost, RP and money earned from missions.


Some of the existing Freemode events will adapt to become a new experience for those playing as crime organizations. Organizations will be able to go head to head with new vehicles fit for a large scale crime spree including: a limo with a turret and the upgradable Super Yacht offers supporting vehicles and a missile defence system. Plus, every crime boss Super Yacht needs a helipad, right?

If this isn’t enough for you, Rockstar recently released a new Adversary mode, Every Bullet Counts. So grab your friends and paint Los Santos red because there’s still plenty of chaos to create in GTA5.

The Executives and Other Criminals DLC drops on December 15th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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