Ubisoft Reportedly Attracting Takeover Interest

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An image of the Ubisoft logo.

So far in 2022, massive purchases seem to have become the norm in the games industry.

Whether it’s Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard or Sony adding Bungie to its posse of studios, we’re living through a golden era of huge purchases and it looks like French publisher Ubisoft could be next in line.


This is according to reports from Bloomberg and Kotaku, both of whom have reported that a number of private equity firms are tentatively exploring the possibility of buying out Ubisoft, though no deal has officially been made as of yet.

Ubisoft Attracting Takeover Interest

This news comes as Ubisoft is dealing with a number of issues, including a flagging stock price and production issues, in addition to the continued fallout of the sexual harassment and discrimination scandal which has rocked the company throughout the past few years.

This disastrous cocktail could mean that one of the currently interested parties, Blackstone Inc. and KKR & Co. according to Bloomberg, can acquire the publisher at a discount, much like Microsoft did with the equally scandal-ridden Activision Blizzard back in January.


Naturally neither side of any potential deal are willing to say anything at present, with both Blackstone and KKR declining to comment on the reports and Ubisoft itself issuing a statement to Kotaku in which it says: “we don’t comment on rumors or speculation”, but also extolls it own virtues and states “we’re ideally positioned to capitalize on the rapid industry growth and platform opportunities that are emerging right now”.

Another factor which possibly makes Ubisoft a good takeover candidate is its current ownership and leadership structures, which have long revolved around Guillemot family, with CEO Yves Guillemot having previously prevented a hostile takeover by French media company Vivendi back in 2018.

Now though, with Guillemot’s son and heir apparent Charlie having left the company in 2021 and numerous other senior figures also having departed following the scandal, Kotaku’s sources speculate that the CEO could be looking to exit too.


So, while nothing is confirmed at current, with CEO Guillemot even remaining non-committal during recent company earnings calls, this certainly seems like a space to keep an eye on going forwards.