Ubisoft+ Could Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass - Report

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Fresh off of the addition of EA Play, Xbox Game Pass could be about to gain Ubisoft+, the publisher's own gaming subscription surface.

Windows Central Editor Jez Corden has noted that the rumour "has a strong chance of being true based on stuff [they'd] heard", although it may not come to fruition until late 2021.


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Ubisoft + Could Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass - Report

Check out Corden's tweet below:

I imagine it would be a vault or smaller slice of older games, but crazier things have happened. I always thought EA Play would be an extra tier of Game Pass, but they just rolled that bad boy right in. Guess we'll see.
— Jez (@JezCorden)
December 30, 2020

It's worth noting that at present, Ubisoft+ is only available on PC.


Players that subscribe for £12.99/$14.99 per month not only gain access to the publisher's older titles (Splinter Cell fans rejoice), but new releases arrive – with all their DLC.

It's a very generous offer, especially when considering Ubisoft will be launching the likes of Far Cry 6 next year, as well as the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake.

Microsoft added EA Play to Xbox Game Pass at the launch of the Xbox Series S and X consoles, but while this includes "The Vault" (a variety of older titles playable for as long as you want), new games are offered with a ten-hour free trial.

For unlimited access to EA's newest titles, you'll need an EA Play Pro membership – currently only available on PC, and priced the same as Ubisoft's offering.


It'll be interesting to see if Ubisoft opts for tiers, or whether the existing library will be rolled into Xbox Game Pass as Corden notes.

Last year, Microsoft announced its intention to add Bethesda games to the service following a deal being struck to purchase the publisher's parent company, ZeniMax.

Since then, we've seen Skyrim and DOOM Eternal added to the service.

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