Tyler1's Annie Receives One-Shot Kill From Gangplank In His League of Legends Stream

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Tyler1’s road to the Challenger rank while only using mid champions this season continues as seen on his League of Legends stream, even if there could be hurdles every now and then.

And the latest one would be the single blow that eventually killed his Annie in a game courtesy of Gangplank


The One-Hit Finish

As seen on his Twitch stream, the enemy Gangplank pulled off a successful Powder Keg hit that struck Tyler1’s Annie with a critical strike, summing up a total of 1,305 damage in just one hit.

It was after the moment when Tyler1 and a teammate were supposedly protecting one of their towers. And it what could seem that they were defending the tower well, it was just the opening the Gangplank was looking for which eventually led to that unexpected pick-off, and the overall win in the game as well.


It's Not The End Of The Road

Yet even if it was a harsh experience for Tyler1, it’s all part of the game.

It was this season where the famous streamer leveled up to the Master rank in the fastest manner while having a one-role challenge, eclipsing his achievements to reach Challenger using jungler, ADC, and top champions before.

And there could still be around 2 or 3 months before the season ends which can still be a lot of time for Tyler1 to fulfill his challenge once again, setting up a possible support-only champion to complete all the positions available in the game.


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