Titanfall 3: "Maybe You'll See Titanfall Sometime Down The Road", Says EA

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EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen reveals that Titanfall 3 is still a possibility!

Here's how the news broke.


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Titanfall 3

Titanfall fans don't fear, number 3 could still be on the cards, according to Blake Jorgensen in the company's last financial call.

When talking of their acquisition of Titanfall and Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment, Jorgensen said: "We were able to bring them into the fold and give them incredible support and it was all driven by the fact that they have incredible talent. It wasn't about Titanfall – no offense to Titanfall. It's an amazing game and maybe you'll see Titanfall sometime down the road. But it was really about the team."


This is nothing solid, but its better than nothing!

The only reason Blake was speaking about Respawn Entertainment was that he was talking about EA's approach to buying studios.

Even so, it's strange for him to mention Titanfall if another title is definitely off the table.

Respawn have been pretty open with the fact they're open to continuing to work on Titanfall, now EA could be showing some interest.


Could this simply be a very obscure hint to the possible next Apex Legends legend, Ash?