Brandon Sanderson Teases New Wheel of Time Game

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The Wheel of Time could be getting a game adaptation soon, if a recent tease from co-author Brandon Sanderson is anything to go by. In his annual "state of the Sanderson" blog post wrapping up the current year and looking ahead to what's coming up. This time, he let slip a pending announcement of a game tied to one of his properties - or, more accurately "not for one of my properties, but something new that I built with them."

The "them" in this case is the development team Sanderson has been working with, though naturally he didn't say who it is just yet.

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Brandon Sanderson Teases New Wheel of Time Game

"It’s a game company many of you will have heard of, but probably not the one you’re thinking about right now," he said. "Not that other one either.”

Sanderson said the announcement should be happening in 2022, though gave no indication when it might take place.

Meanwhile, The Wheel of Time's first season wraps up on December 24, with the finale following Moiraine and Rand into the Eye of the World for a dramatic confrontation with the Dark One. Amazon's adaptation has already been greenlit for a second season, so we're not finished with the Dragon Reborn's saga anytime soon.

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