The Simpsons: Hit And Run Source Code Reportedly Leaked

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If you asked any fan of The Simpsons which game they'd want brought back, chances are they'd name Radical Entertainment's Hit & Run. Released back in 2003 for PC, GameCube, PS2 and Xbox, this Grand Theft Auto III parody gained a cult following in recent years.

Now though, Hit & Run's source code may have leaked online. As reported by the GBAtemp forums, a folder containing documents and marketing from Radical Entertainment is slowly leaking, which has been compiled into a playable copy through a Windows XP virtual machine.


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The Simpsons: Hit And Run Source Code Reportedly Leaked

According to these reports, those documents also include source code for Radical Entertainment's Hulk game, which takes place eight years after Ang Lee's 2003 film. Similarly released in 2003, much like Hit & Run, this adaptation received positive critical reception.

Hulk Homer Simpson
Hulk Homer

It follows from a recent showcase by Unreal developer/YouTuber reubs, who ripped Hit & Run's assets into Unreal Engine 5, released a "remastered" demo that showcased 4K graphics and ray-tracing. While that's unsurprisingly been taken down due to "copyright concerns", you can watch the video demonstration here.

Source: GBAtemp and Gamespot