Tfue successfully convinces Hacker to Lose on purpose in Warzone

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Tfue is one of the few people who has convinced a hacker not to ruin the game for everyone. During a stream, Tfue realized that a hacker was cheating and watching his stream to kill him. Tfue used the opportunity to talk to the hacker and ask him to let another player win.

The hacker was quickly wiping out the map by using multiple hacking techniques. The hacker, known by their obvious hacking moniker, [GoCry], did not seem to care whose game he ruined. After being killed by a hacker, the streamer decided to convince the hacker to change their ways.

Tfue is one of many streamers to confront hackers

It is not uncommon for streamers to converse with hackers. The streamers sometimes ask about prices and where the hackers bought their software, while others try to scold them. In this case, Tfue decided not to do either.

Speech from the skill tree of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is maxed at 100.
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Accurate representation of Tfue's skill tree.

Instead, Tfue tried to convince the hacker to lose the game entirely. The hacker seemed determined to win until Tfue really turned up the charm. And the hacker actually decided to die in the gas.

To quote Tfue:

"Oh my God, no way he let's him win. You let him win? No? Come on, let him win. You killed 31 people just let him win dude."

(Clip begins at 4:57)

At least Tfue saved someone from a cheater's rant, which is nice. The video evokes a wholesome image of a game that was sullied by someone unwilling to play fair. Perhaps in the future, reporting players will be more effective.

While Tfue handles the ones that aren't caught, other games are finding ways to catch others.
Tufi, the infamous hacker from Apex who was just sent to jail by EA over his hacking, is an excellent example of this issue. Thus, it appears that online games are moving in the right direction when dealing with hackers.

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