Tesla Disables Passenger Play Feature After Federal Investigation

Tesla has confirmed that it will be adjusting its Passenger Play feature for its electric cars to comply with an investigation on their vehicles. The feature will now be unusable when the car is in motion at any time.

According to Tesla's decision as CNN reports, the Passenger Play feature on Tesla cars will be adjusted after a federal safety investigation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The investigation found out that drivers could also play video games on the Passenger Play feature even when the car is in motion.

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Tesla Disables Passenger Play Feature After Federal Investigation

To prevent this problem, Tesla will now be adding a feature to disable Passenger Play while the car is moving. When this feature kicks in, the driver and the passengers cannot play any video games on the Tesla displays inside the car. It doesn't matter if they're in the front or back seat, game time can only resume when the car is at a full stop.

In 2019, Tesla introduced the Passenger Play feature with a few compatible games on this platform. So far, the notable titles on this platform includes Studio MDPR's Cuphead and Bethesda's Fallout Shelter.

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