GTA Vice City Online Web Domain Is Live

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Could Rockstar be returning to Vice City?

As spotted by r/GTA6 and DualShockers, Take-Two Interactive Software has in fact registered a domain name for GTA: Vice City Online. The web address has existed since 2009, but the registration was updated on March 23 of this year.


Grand Theft Auto’s City of Vice

The original Vice City came out in 2002 and became something of a seminal classic within the open-world genre of games; GTA Online, on the other hand, landed in 2013 as a free add-on for Grand Theft Auto V.

We haven’t actually seen the fictional Florida locale since 2006’s Vice City Stories on the PSP.

GTA: Vice City — Online?

As recently as April, Kotaku’s reporting said a new Grand Theft Auto was “still early in development,” but it does seem to be Rockstar’s “next big project.”


GTA Online is one of the most wildly popular and commercially successful games in history. And Vice City’s a fan-favorite entry within Rockstar’s flagship series, so it makes sense that the developer would return to that setting sooner or later.

Granted, a domain name is simply that; it’s not confirmation of anything. But a GTA Online follow-up set in many fans’ favorite fictional city seems like a pretty safe bet.