Suda51 Horror Game Hotel Barcelona Still Exists

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The Suda51 horror game Hotel Barcelona is still happening, Goichi Suda (Suda51 himself) confirmed in a new Reddit AMA session.

The game is a collaboration between Suda51 and Hidetaka ‘Swery’ Suehiro (Deadly Premonition), though both developers went silent on the project following its 2019 reveal during an IGN Japan livestream.


“I contact SWERY65 at least once every 2 to 3 months, even during COVID, about how to make Hotel Barcelona happen,” Suda said on Reddit. “It really depends on the timing, since it gets heavily influenced on the work I'm doing at that period.”

Right now, that would be No More Heroes 3, set for release on August 27 for Nintendo Switch.

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Suda51 Horror Game Hotel Barcelona Still Exists

However, as Video Games Chronicle notes, it’d be surprising if COVID-19 didn’t affect the game’s planning at some point as well.


Hotel Barcelona reportedly has a budget of $1 million, and while Devolver Digital was briefly touted as the game’s publisher, the company responded to Nibel’s tweet on the matter with confusion at the time.

Once No More Heroes 3 releases, Suda51 could have more time for Hotel Barcelona, though Swery has remained quiet on any further involvement since 2019.

[Source: Reddit, via Video Games Chronicle]