Street Fighter 6 fans produce cool artwork to say goodbye to Street Fighter 5

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Some characters from Street Fighter V and Street Fighter 6.
Credit: Capcom.

With Street Fighter 6 set to arrive in less than 24 hours’ time, fans of fighting games are already limbering up for the cascade of power-filled punch-ups and beefy brawls that they’ll be diving into once they get their hands on it.

Some are preparing by reading as many reviews of the game as possible, deciding which character they'd like to main this time around, or setting some ground rules to ensure they don’t ruin the experience for themselves.

If you’re one of those players who’ve instead chosen to pass the time by jumping back into Street Fighter 5 to make sure their well-honed combo pressing muscle memory hasn’t deteriorated, you might want to check out a cool piece of artwork some fans have put together to bid farewell to it.

How are you handling saying goodbye to Street Fighter 5 ahead of Street Fighter 6’s imminent launch?

The efforts of these hardened brawlers to pay tribute to the old flame they’ll soon be ditching for pastures new was posted to Twitter by Illustrator and Animator Quasimodox, who dubbed the artwork “Our Goodbye to Street Fighter 5,” and tagged the massive list of artists they collaborated with on it.

They went on to create a thread filled with individual posts from these creators, all of whom you should check out, highlighting which of the entire roster’s worth of characters included in the work they’d been responsible for drawing in their own unique style.

In a reddit thread about the project, Quasimodox revealed that the artwork has gradually been pieced together over several months, declaring: “I am so happy we were able to get it done right before Street Fighter 6 launches!”

Replying to a comment from fighting game streamer SheldonTwitching on the Twitter post, they summarised their feelings on the game by saying: “Street Fighter 5 gets hate, and honestly it has its flaws, but it [became] decent in the end [in my estimation] and it will forever be in my heart.”

“I had genuine moments [with it] I won’t ever forget,” replied the streamer, adding: “[It was a] good chapter that I’m happy to move on from. Can’t complain in the end.”

Meanwhile, back on Reddit, user MrSly0 spotted a character in the work they didn’t recognise, prompting Quasimodox to reveal: “[It's] Yuriko Hibiki, she is Dan's sister who shows up in the in-game Street Fighter 5 shop, [but isn’t] a playable character, we just added her [in] as a bonus.”

Regardless of how many beloved memories you’re leaving behind as you jump over to Street Fighter 6, make sure to follow us for coverage of it and an array of guides to everything from quests, to bosses and even seasons for Diablo 4, which is also set to arrive imminently.

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